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Pet Dentistry in Happy Valley, OR

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Pet Dentistry

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, by the age of three, 70 percent of adult cats and 80 percent of adult dogs show signs of dental disease. Excessive drooling, sore or bleeding gums when eating or chewing, and a diminished appetite are all symptoms that a pet’s teeth need to be cleaned.

How often should I brush my pet’s teeth?

Dental illness can be avoided if you pay attention to your pet’s dental health. Every pet’s mouth is unique, just like humans’. Dental exams and cleanings are required on a yearly and semi-annual basis (in older pets) to maintain good oral health. Home care is essential in addition to wellness checks and routine dental cleanings at Fern Hill Veterinary Care.

It’s critical to attend your pet’s annual health checks so that we can assess whether or not a comprehensive dental cleaning is required. Brushing/wiping, dental treats/food, and water additives are all excellent at-home preventatives for keeping your pet’s mouth and teeth healthy.

At Fern Hill Veterinary Care, we recommend the following:

We recommend semi-annual oral evaluations and routine cleanings to maintain your pet’s dental health and prevent serious disease. A thorough oral and dental evaluation can only be done under general anesthesia.
Full mouth dental radiographs (x-rays) allow us to assess your pet’s mouth for hidden disease and sources of oral pain.

We have a strong emphasis on preventative dentistry at Fern Hill Veterinary Care, as well as extensive experience with advanced anesthesia. This allows us to minimize risk while providing this incredibly important service.