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What our clients are saying about us

Dr. Zambelli,

I cannot express enough my gratitude for you and the excellent care and compassion you provided to me and Autzen during an incredibly challenging day.

Thank you for explaining things to me clearly and in such a clear and compassionate way. Most of all, thank you for taking the time to sit on the floor and talk with me. You helped me absolve myself of guilt and regret that I would have carried, feeling as if I made the wrong decision or didn’t do everything I could to take care of and protect him. The conversation we had was so helpful in my healing process. Thank you for your humanity in that moment and for taking such good care of my boy and doing everything you could.


Dr. Zambelli is wonderful! I attempted to use a vet in my new home in Eugene, and my furry family is just too precious to compromise their health. Alicia diagnosed the issue almost immediately (the Eugene folks hadn’t in a year) and my doggie is happy again. I’ll make the trip up, happily.
John B.

Awesome experience, as always. Dr. Roberts’ approach is intelligent and focused upon making my animals’ quality of life the best it can be. This is an approach you can feel from the entire staff. Everyone there loves animals and is compassionate and attentive to my cat’s needs. Even when big kitty Magnus tries to pee on them 😉
Evans B.

I had an exceptional experience working with Dr. Downes. She was knowledgeable and kind and gave my pet excellent care. If she ever goes into general practice, I would love to know because I would absolutely take my cat to her!
A. C.

As for Dr. Zambelli… I will just say that having moved quite a bit, I’ve been to several different vets. She is by far the best! Not only so kind and friendly, but she takes thorough time to talk through everything and answer multiple questions, making me feel reassured he’s in the best hands.
Taeler K.

Dr. Downes is fabulous. Walked me through the care for my dog, explained medications and when to use them, and even recommended more affordable options without me asking. She’s fabulous. Definitely would recommend.
M. Meyer

Dr. Roberts is one of the most thorough, kind vets I’ve ever met. She takes her time truly listening to your concerns and provides all avenues of treatment (costs and treatment success rates included) while working with you to make a decision. I never second-guess her guidance because it’s obvious that she genuinely has the pet’s best interest at heart.

Casey P.

Dr. Roberts seems to have a special affinity for dogs like mine (American Pit Bull Terriers) and my dogs love her.
Sue D.

Dr. Roberts is an angel. The entire staff is oh so sweet, care is unparalleled, and the general kindness has left me gobsmacked.Blessings to all of you, especially Dr. Roberts.
Miss T.